UWF Trails

At UWF, there's two basic sections: Main side and Games Side

Main Side
The main side is marked into three loops.  The green (shorter) loop and the red (longer) loop.  If you ride the red loop, there's also a loop off of that section which is the blue loop extension.  The blue loop has the most technical sections of the main side.

The trail can be ridden both directions.  However, most people ride counter-clockwise when trail use is heavy (weekends, etc).

main trails
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Games Side
The games side is the orange loop that encircles a large clay pit area known as "The Playground". As of 2013, the loop is nearly 10 miles and is broken up into 3 different color coded lengths and levels (pink being shortest but orange being all of the entire loop). The trail is marked with 4x4 posts at eash intersection.

The old clay pit, which has been there since the 1950's, is also a favorite spot of area free-riders and offers some interesting & challenging terrain.

The best place to park to access all of the trails is at the Pate Trailhead (see map).  Note that this is a private road, so try not to ride your bike on the road (otherwise the security folks may hassle you).




Blackwater Trails are located near Milton.  The trails consist of twisty single-track through pine & oak forests.  A map of the trails is below.  To get more information about Blackwater check-out the Blackwater Blog.

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